There’s something about spring that always sparks my creativity. I suppose, if winter is a time for resting and recuperating, then it makes sense that a flurry of activity will follow. It’s also a time when a lot of colour bursts forth after the muted hues of the colder months, and that’s inspiring too. Nowadays, I recognise the pattern in my creative energy levels and go with it, so I got busy dyeing a new colourway!

Here it is:

Skeins of Nene 4 Ply in the Hocus Crocus colourway

Hocus Crocus on Nene 4 Ply.

It’s a variegated colourway on our signature yarn Nene 4 Ply. It’s a fresh new-leaf green sprinkled with pretty floral pinks, purples, and peaches. I love the way our variegated yarns work up, full of colour, but not too busy and this one’s no exception.

I have a tendency to lean towards autumnal shades, which makes spring palettes quite challenging for me, even though I love the season itself. We always do our best creative work when we embrace our own styles, so I did just that and included some of my favourite earthy, autumnal tones in the colourway. It’s a great way for a red-head like me to add a bit of spring to my woolly wardrobe!

Close up of Hocus Crocus on Nene 4 Ply

Close up of the Hocus Crocus colourway.

So how does it work up?

I whipped up a quick crochet sample first. This herringbone stitch pattern can be found in Fay Dashper-Hughes’ Stormy Rainbow blanket. I love the simple texture and find it plays beautifully with the variegated yarn by making the colours lean in different directions. I used a 3.5mm hook for my swatch and it has a lightweight, draping feel to it.

Crochet swatch of the Hocus Crocus colourway

Crochet swatch with Hocus Crocus.

Next, I ran Hocus Crocus through my vintage Foster-Victoria circular sock machine. Here you can see how it looks in plain stocking stitch. One of the things I love about our variegated yarns is that they rarely pool. I’m not saying it never happens, but mostly they work up with this subtle, blended appearance. This means you can often get away with textured stitch patterns, lace, cables, etc… without them getting lost. I added a contrast colour for my heel and toe, using a Unicorn Fuchsia Nene 4 Ply Mini skein, but there are many others that will go well with this colourway.

Machine knitted sock in the Hocus Crocus colourway

A sock knitted with Hocus Crocus and a Unicorn Fuchsia mini skein for contrast heel and toe.

If you were thinking of striping or featuring Hocus Crocus as part of a bigger project, such as a shawl or jumper, then I’ve put together some colour pairing suggestions. These are all in our Nene 4 Ply yarn, which works well with most standard 4 ply / fingering weight yarns, so it may also be worth raiding your stash!

Firstly, here are some additional mini skein ideas:

Hocus Crocus on Nene 4 Ply with a selection of complementary mini skeins

A skein of Hocus Crocus with Nene 4 Ply minis in Sherbet Orange, Unicorn Fuchsia, Sherbet Violet, Shadow Yellow, and Sherbet Lime.

And here are some full sized skeins:

If you’re looking for enough contrast for colourwork, then the rich plum of Zwergpflaume is a great choice. Whereas if you just want a good buddy to sit happily alongside Hocus Crocus, then Brombeer-Zweig makes for a perfect companion.

Hocus Crocus colourway with Brombeer-Zweig and Zwergpflaume

Brombeer-Zweig, Hocus Crocus, and Zwergpflaume on Nene 4 Ply.

Wanna get your hands on a skein? Find it here!